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                                     Fine Indian Dining

This is a fully licensed restaurant with a well-stocked bar area offering an extensive range of internationally acclaimed wine and Indian premium lager on draught.


Bin No                                                            FRANCE BOTTLE 
1 MERLOT/CARIGNAN, La Croix                                                                                                        £17.90 
A delicious,medium-bodied red with juicy bramble fruits. Very refreshing 
and good on its own or with lighter, creamier dishes.


2 SYRAH, Baron de Badassiere                                                                                                         £18.90
This wine is deep red in colour, with light spicy aromas leading to a well-balanced palate,

supple tannins and long, fresh finish.


3 RAIMAT ABADIA CRIANZA,                                                                                                                £19.50 
Elegant, rounded and soft in the mouth, this delicious Rioja lookalike stands out 
with superb balance of fruit and velvety smooth tannins. Worth trying with lamb 
 and rich tomato/onion based dishes. 


4           CABERNET SAUVIGNON Santa Luz ‘Alba’                                                                            £16.90
Akin to a full-bodied claret, this delicious wine benefits from a few minutes in the glass to

breathe after which it will reward you with rich, black fruit, full, rounded tannins

and a finish that goes on forever. Great value for money!


                                                             SOUTH AFRICA
5           PINOTAGE, Wild garden                                                                                                         £18.90
 Juicy tannins and ripe fruits with hints of vanilla. With a rich, long aftertaste, this
  is an elegant wine with a very ‘New World’ fruit driven palate.

6  CÔTES DU RHÔNE, ‘Parallèle 45’ Paul Jaboulet Aîné                                                                £24.50 
Aristocratic Côtes du Rhône. Medium-Full bodied, superbly balanced fruit & 
tannin with great length A typical big Rhône that would give many a Châteauneuf. 
A run for its money! 
7 MONTEPULCIANO GRAN SASSO,                                                                                                  £16.95 
 A jammy, juicy ripe beauty from the Abruzzi region in central-eastern 
Italy that gives a full, balanced palate with delicious red berry fruit 
flavours. Superb value and *IWC Silver Medal* *ORGANIC* 
8 ZINFANDEL, Painter bridge,                                                                                                              £22.90
 Enticing, spicy red fruits on the nose and a rich palate with a long, smooth 
finish. This is a classy a wine to drink with just about anything. 


                                                               FRANCE BOTTLE 
9 SAUVIGNON BLANC/VERMENTINO, La Croix                                                                               £17.90
 A lovely, delicate fruit-driven wine with notes of pears, grapefruit and 
 lemons. A pleasant, clean palate makes it lovely on its own and very moreish! 
10   PAINTER BRIDGE CHARDONNAY, J Lohr                                                                                    £22.90 
Rich, Chablis-style wine with citrus and apricot and a clean, flinty finish. 
This is an delicious, unctuous wine which is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

                                                                SOUTH AFRICA 
11 CHENIN BLANC, Sangoma                                                                                                             £19.50
This bright, vibrant and perfumed white wine has excellent varietal character. 
It is dry yet rich on the palate with good acidity and a lingering finish. A good 
match for rich aromatic dishes. 

12 WEIGHBRIDGE CHARDONNAY, Peter Lehmann                                                                       £19.50 
A delicious unwooded Chardonnay. A clean, well-rounded palate is 
complimented by peach and apple flavours and a long, steely finish. Peter 
Lehmann is one of Australia’s best and most widely respected producers. 

                                                 NEW ZEALAND
13          SAUVIGNON BLANC, Yealands Frost Pocket                                                                   £22.50
Clean, fresh and zippy, this is a very typical New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

which is packed with fresh citrus with a hint of gooseberry and tropical fruits.

Yealands is one of the top producers and is highly rated by wine critics.

14 TORRONTES, Santa Ana                                                                                                             £20.90 
Elegant aromas of white flowers and roses with a delicious, smooth palate 
showing good fruit and balance. Pairs well with mild to spicy dishes. 
15 FIANO/GRECO, A Mano                                                                                                              £24.50 
Rich and full, this wine is full of ripe fruit flavours. It is delicious with spicy 
curry and hotter chilli dishes. 
15         SOAVE, Cantina di Monteforte                                                                                           £18.50

Clean and bright with attractive, fresh, perfumes of almond blossom and white flowers. 

Excellent depth with a lovely balance of ripe, aromatic fruit and fresh, zingy acidity,

this wine is delicious with medium and fairly hot dishes.

                                                                SPAIN BOTTLE 
17 CABERNET/SYRAH ROSADO, Nuviana                                                                                      £18.50 
 Exceptionally drinkable with clean aromas of red fruits with notes of 
 strawberries and redcurrants. A great match with any spicy food. 
18 ALPHA ZETA ‘R’ ROSATO                                                                                                           £17.95 
Vibrant pink colour, with delicate aromas of cherry blossom, and enough 
body to drink alone or with food. 

 21         PROSECCO, Botter ‘Quadri’                                                                                     £21.00

A classy Prosecco, Botter has finer bubbles than you would expect and is often

chosen as an alternative to champagne. One of the finest wines on our list,

it is a big cut above most other Proseccos and is great value.

22         MOSCATO D’ASTI, Fontanafredda Moncucco DOCG, (5.5%abv)                       £18.50*

The perfect drink with a curry. Delightful aromas of freshly squeezed grapes,

it has a zippy, fresh effervescent palate, finishing with a touch of delicious natural sweetness.
*50cl Bottle

20         Champagne Jacquart NV Brut Mosaïque                                                                   £45.00
Light gold in colour with fine, long-lasting bubbles. Fresh bouquet with hints of pear mingling

with brioche. Fresh and powerful on the palate with good overall balance and a lovely, long finish.

 BOTTLE                                                                                                                             GLASS 175ml

             MERLOT Santa Luz ‘Alba’ (Chile)                                                                 £16.90                £4.25

A smooth fruity wine that tastes of black cherries, currants and plums with a soft finish.

Works really well with food and especially with mild-medium spiced dishes.

              PINOT GRIGIO/GARGANEGA, Operetto (Italy)                                              £16.90                £4.25

Deliciously fresh and dry with crisp apples on a light, soft palate which also shows a touch of  pineapple. A really vibrant wine which works well with just about any dish and on its own.

Unless stated otherwise, all wines have an alcoholic content of between 7% & 15% ABV
All of our wines have been carefully selected by local wine merchant, Harrisons Fine Wines of Crieff

to complement our extensive menu.

When one vintage ceases to be available the next suitable one will be offered 
All table and quality wines have an alcoholic content of between 7 & 15%